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Leadership Committees


The primary purpose of this committee is to design and build facilities based on the needs of our school community and within the means of our available resources.  The second purpose is to maintain and improve the existing building and grounds to provide a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere. The committee also conducts strategic sessions on future facility needs for the school. The committee meets once a month for a strategic session and maybe one Saturday per month to work on items at the school.


The Board Treasurer serves as chair of this committee. The committee is responsible for all budgeting, financial reporting and capital structure of the school. Individuals with finance, accounting, banking,or insurance backgrounds are strongly encouraged to bring their experience forward if they are open to serving on the committee. Due to the nature of the committee, the committee maintains a network of potential candidates and each year identifies candidates that best fill the needs of the committee at that time.  Individuals who are asked to serve are asked to commit to a minimum of 3 years.


This committee assists the Director of Marketing & Advancement and Advancement Manager in fostering community and determining strategy for the two revenue drivers of the school--enrollment management and development. Committee members assist staff with expanding our base of financial support to generate the revenue necessary to conduct the work of the school and promoting enrollment. They participate in various ways according to their interests and experience by: working on such advancement campaigns as the Spirit of Mother Teresa Annual Fund and Giving Tuesday; planning ways to engage our constituencies (major gifts donors, grandparents, alumni, foundations, and external benefactors, prospective families); creating/implementing stewardship activities to thank donors; conducting research; networking within and outside the MTCES community; and creating strategies to promote student retention. The majority of our work does not involve direct solicitation. We need writers, graphic designers, social media gurus, web-savvy folks, creative types, and enthusiastic parents.  In sum, the group will help to advance the mission of MTCES through constituent relations and integration of the school's marketing and communication, development, and enrollment programs.


This committee is responsible for all technology needs at MTCES and works to integrate technology into the curriculum.  They maintain and improve the classroom computers and a mobile lab.  They also assist with administrative computers, website development, and tech based grants. 

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