To help all students excel and reach their maximum potential, we offer incredible opportunities for academic support and growth, including specialized one-on-one intervention. MTCES has a Student Success Team (SST), which is a school-based problem-solving group that assists teachers with strategies for dealing with learning and behavioral issues. The core team is comprised of the curriculum coordinator, reading specialists, the speech therapist, intervention specialists, and the child's homeroom teacher.

Intervention Specialist- MTCES has two intervention specialists. The intervention specialist is the leader and coordinator of the SST. This staff member is responsible for testing and assessing students to determine academic or social needs and developing a plan for his or her success. The intervention specialist will schedule meetings and work with families and classroom teachers to create the best environment possible to meet and individual child's needs.

Reading Specialist-MTCES has two reading specialists who work with students beginning at the Kindergarten level to help them further develop reading skills.  The reading specialist helps classroom teachers in their assessment of student reading levels and works with students who struggle to further develop their reading skills.

Speech Pathologist- The speech pathologist works with the intervention team, students and families to develop plans to assist students who struggle with speech (pronunciation, annunciation, etc.)  This often includes home based interventions and assistance in social development.

Counselor- MTCES has two counselors who work with students or groups of students to develop strategies for their social development. Counselors work with both students and families to work through various problems or issues and develop plans for student success.

Aides- MTCES also employs several aides who assist both the classroom teachers and the intervention team to help further the academic development of our students.

Members of the Junior Beta Club, 7th and 8th graders in our junior National Honors Society, provide cost-free tutoring to students on a weekly basis.

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Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
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This school complies with The Decree on Child Protection which is promulgated by the Archbishop of Cincinnati.
MTCES has 563 students in grades K-8 as of October 31, 2020. 
Based on the formal requirements set by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, all Mother Teresa employees as well as volunteers who have contact with children as part of their duties, are required to set up and maintain a VIRTUS account.  The VIRTUS program includes a Protecting God’s Children Awareness Session as well as a background check. In addition, employees complete a BCI and FBI check in accordance with our accreditation through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association.

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