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The MTCES Queen of Hearts Raffle is a weekly progressive raffle raising funds for the school's educational and arts initiatives. The first week of the raffle, a Queen of Hearts game board displays 54 randomly shuffled cards sealed in envelopes and placed face down on the board. Each envelope is numbered, 1 to 54 (two Jokers are included). The goal is to find the Queen of Hearts. Tickets are sold one week at a time. Purchasers choose envelope numbers coorresponding to the then available cards on the board. When a ticket is drawn at the weekly drawing, the envelope on the board with the number on the ticket will be opened to reveal a playing card. If the card is the Queen of Hearts, the game is over and the owner of the raffle ticket wins half the pot (grand prize).* If it is any other card, a secondary prize is awarded (see below), the pot rolls over, all tickets in the bin are destroyed, new tickets are sold, and another drawing happens the following week. The process repeats, with the grand prize growing, until the Queen of Hearts is revealed. *Official rules below


$5 Tickets available for Ohio residents via this website. Participants can also purchase tickets at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Liberty Township from 6:00 - 7:15 pm the night of the drawing.

Drawings will be held at Buffalo Wing & Rings in Liberty Township on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm, beginning on September 22nd. WINNER NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO CLAIM PRIZE. WINNERS CLAIMING PRIZES AT BUFFALO WINGS & RINGS WILL RECEIVE A GIFT CARD FROM THE VENUE.

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For a copy of the official rules, please click here.

Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School (MTCES) reserves the right to amend the official rules as needed. Any changes to the rules will be posted on this webpage. MTCES is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Your purchase of raffle tickets is not tax deductible.


Contact Raffle Co-Chairs Todd Meyer and Mike Brennan at queenofhearts [at] mtces [dot] org.

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